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Carisoprodol 350 mg for back pain. The next day patient was taking a placebo. That day, he was taking 150 mg, 250 and 300 mg. The days that followed were similar to days 1 and 2. One of the groups also received 100 mg acetaminophen. Again, the amount taken for pain was reduced each week. And the patient was taking 150 mg (4.7 grams), 300 (6 and 400 mg (8 grams) of oral oxycodone. Toward the end, patient was taking 350 mg/day. Again, this drug is prescribed for pain. One month later, the patient was still on same dose or less. Now the drug is not prescribed for pain. It is moderate to severe pain. Here are some final notes: The patients taking acetaminophen were not using the equivalent of four doses in half an hour. This is the equivalent rate. But not equivalency This was not a study on new therapy, 101 generic pharmacy but a study of carisoprodol 350mg 360 pills US$ 550.00 US$ 1.53 patient returning home with a back problem caused by the original back problem. There were four studies. It was not a randomized study except for the first Carisoprodol buy overnight one. None of the patients were taking opioids. If their levels were high, we would have seen the same results for opioids. The most serious side effect was an infection (choking syndrome). This was diagnosed after 28 days of treatment. Ongoing studies will compare the effects of acetaminophen for pain versus a placebo. Further research will help figure out how to keep acetaminophen safe and effective for pain.
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