Sai Praseedha Age Height, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth and More!

Sai Praseedha

Sai Praseedha

Sai Praseedha Age, Height, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth and More!

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  • Birth Name: Sai Praseedha Vakkalavalli Krishnaveni Srinivasan
  • Date of Birth: December 5th, 1982
  • Age: 27 Years
  • Height: 5′ 7″ (1.70 m)

Sai Praseedha Height, Birthday, Instagram, YouTube and More Information!

Sai Praseedha is an Indian child actress. She is best known for her roles in the television series Kurukshetram and Rajanikant, both of which are based on Hindu mythology. Her first role was that of Meera in Rajanikant. Apart from these movies she has been a part of various movies that have unfortunately not made it to the list of our article!

Born Sai Praseedha Vakkalavalli Krishnaveni Srinivasan on December 5th, 1982, she is also popularly known by her nickname “Sai”. She has two younger brothers, Vijay Prasad (born 1982) and Vishnu Prasad (born 1988). Her father is S.V. Krishna Srinivasan, while her mother is Uma Bharathi.

Sai Praseedha has been married twice. In 2006, she married actor Vijay Sethupathi. The couple have one son named Aravindh who was born in 2015. They divorced after six months. Then, in 2017, she became engaged to a man named Rakesh Kumar, and they were married in 2018. Since then both have been living a happy married life and there are no news of them getting separated.

Talking about her professional life, she was interested in being an actress from a very young age. It is obviously seen from her debut and exposure to the entertainment industry very early. Apart from being an actress, Sai Praseedha has also gained a lot of popularity for being a model. She has appeared in a lot of modeling shoots which she regularly uploaded on her social media handles!

If we talk about her online presence, she is acive on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Over there, we can often see her sharing photos and videos that give us an insight into her personal life. Additonally, we can see her making short form content called the Reels on Instagram. As of now, she is followed by more than 30,000 people and with time it is expected to grow!

She is Born into a wealthy family, Sai Praseedha’s father S.V. Krishna Srinivasan is the owner of the famous TV production house SVS Creations, which produces shows like Chitrahaar and many others. This family owns several businesses including a hotel chain called Hotels International that has prsence acroos various countries!

Sai Praseedha Age and Bio

Sai Praseedha was born on the 5th of December, 1982, to S.V. Krishna Srinivasan and Uma Bharathi.  Sai Praseedha Age as of writing this is 27 years. She is the middle of three children with elder brother Vijay Prasad and younger brother Vishnu Prasad. She studied till 10th standard and then dropped out. Sai Praseedha’s parents separated when she was 8 years old, but later got back together and remained married until her death.

Sai Praseedha
Sai Praseedha

She has written three books:

1. ‘Jeevantha Jyoti’: Released in 2008, this book is about Sai Praseedha’s personal journey through life from her early days to her becoming an actress. It talks about how she went through the process of becoming an actress, how she had to deal with the public’s reactions to her career choices and how she overcame these obstacles.

2. ‘Arundhati’: Released in 2013, this book is about her life up to the time she was making it big as an actress. It talks about her struggles during those times, and how she eventually got her break in Bollywood films.

3. ‘Jagat Maa’: The latest of Sai Praseedha’s published works, released in 2016, this book is about her childhood and her life as an adult. It tells the story of how she grew up and how she met her husband.

Sai Praseedha Biography

Sai Praseedha has always been surrounded by fame since her childhood. As a baby, she made her debut in a Telugu film called Jeevana Tarangam. She acted in many other movies before getting the chance to act in Kurukshetram. However, she didn’t get a lot of success in Kurukshetram, and so she decided to drop acting and focus on her studies. Later, she changed her mind and pursued acting again.

She started off with small roles in Maruthu Pandippada, and soon appeared in bigger projects like Chitrahaar, Amma Nanna O Tamila Thamarai, and Kurukshetram. Sai Praseedha is now one of India’s most successful actresses. Many of her movies have become blockbusters and have earned her a huge fan base around the world. Some of her movies include Kurukshetram, Rajanikant, and Chitraharatnam.

As a result of her immense popularity, Sai Praseedha has become very rich. She owns a number of houses around India, and travels frequently between them. She also owns several cars, including Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, and a Bentley. Apart from her we have a list of other famous celebrities as well like: Sydney Sweeney  Paige Niemann  to name a few.

Sai Praseedha Twitter & Instagram

  • Sai Praseedha Twitter id is: NA
  • Sai Praseedha Instagram id is: @Sai Praseedha

Sai Praseedha Height & Wiki 

First Name


Last Name


Sai Praseedha Height


Sai Praseedha Weight

58 Kg

Sai Praseedha Age


Sai Praseedha Birthday

December 5th, 1982

Sai Praseedha Sun Sign


Sai Praseedha Body Type

Slim fit body

Sai Praseedha Net Worth & Salary in Detail

Sai Praseedha Net Worth this year

$1 million

Sai Praseedha Net Worth last year

$1 million

Sai Praseedha Salary


Sai Praseedha FAQ

Q. How did you choose your name?

Ans.: My name is derived from my favourite flower – Peacock Flower. I chose this name because peacocks display their beauty and grace, and so do I.

Q. Who is your favourite actor or director?

Ans.: My favorite actor is Amitabh Bachchan. His presence is mesmerizing and I admire his talent.

Q. What is your favourite animal?

Ans.: I like animals like dogs, horses, cows etc.

Q. Where do you see yourself in next ten years?

Ans.: I’m currently working on a new project and I hope to make it successful.

Q. Are you planning to write another book?

Ans.: Yes, I would love to write another book.

Q. Is there any particular person in your life who inspires you?

Ans.: My parents inspire me every day.

Q. Do you have any dream project?

Ans.: One day I want to produce a historical drama series of Mahabharata. Also, I’d like to direct a musical movie for kids.

Q. Which star is your favourite among all?

Ans.: I don’t have a favourite. But if I had to pick one, it would be Shah Rukh Khan. He is charismatic and talented.

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