One Woman’s Wilderness Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Bio!

One Woman’s Wilderness

One Woman’s Wilderness

One Woman’s Wilderness Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Bio!

Quick Info:

One Woman’s Wildernessx Net Worth

$1 Million

One Woman’s Wilderness Age


One Woman’s Wilderness Height

160 cm

About One Woman’s Wilderness

If you have ever wondered whether it is possible to live in the wilderness, then you haven’t watched One woman’s wilderness, a YouTube channel started by one Canadian woman named Lisette Brisson. In her channel, Lisset shares her life in the wilderness with her viewers. The reason her channel is interesting and Outstanding, is because it revolves around her solo life in the wild. The only companion she has are her two German Shepherd dogs, Kimber and Miss Snow.

One Woman’s Wilderness
One Woman’s Wilderness

You may wonder how she manages to live independently without feeling scared or lonely; stick around to know how she confidently operates and some interesting facts about her. And if you want to live in the wilderness or lead an off-grid life, then this channel is definitely for you.

Biography of Lisset Brisson

Lisset is a thirty-five-year-old woman who is a video content creator born and raised in the United States of America. She is of white ethnicity, has a beautifully petite body, and blonde-like hair, and weighs about 58 kilograms. Her height is estimated at around 160 cm. Her net worth is estimated to be about $1 million, as her channel has attracted a lot of active audiences since it was started.

The major thing that led to Lisset’s lifestyle change is her strong love for the woods. After living in the U.S for five years, she did not like city life and that was when she resorted to nature life. Growing up, she used to visit the place where her current cabin is and absolutely loved it. She then sacrificed her finances that she had saved for almost eight years and bought land in Ontario, Canada, where she now lives.

Concerning her family, Lisset has talked about her father, brother, and sister before in her YouTube videos. She recently revealed in her latest video that she has never been married before, as she is yet to meet the right one. Besides living in the wild, Lisset is also a good artist/painter.

One Woman’s Wilderness channel

Brisson started her YouTube channel about a year ago after deciding to share her wilderness life with the public. This is after she bought her current cabin in Ontario, Canada, back in 2016. The channel currently has over one hundred and sixty-five thousand subscribers and a total of over ten million views in total. Most of her content includes building different projects, foraging, gardening, and outdoor adventures such as Kayaking.

One Woman’s Wilderness channel has grown fast as it focuses on living off-grid life surrounded by nature. In her videos, Lisset Brisson is always seen visiting different waterfalls for a swim, boat riding, and harvesting and preparing wild fruits and vegetables for food. Apart from her wilderness life, Lisset uploads videos addressing her personal life and answering most asked questions from the public. The channel is a stopover for anyone, as no one hates life in the wilderness.

One Woman’s Wilderness Net Worth

One Woman’s Wilderness Net Worth this year

$1 million

One Woman’s Wilderness Net Worth last year

$1 million

One Woman’s Wilderness Salary


One Woman’s Wilderness Bio

First Name


Last Name


One Woman’s Wilderness Height


One Woman’s Wilderness Weight

58 Kg

One Woman’s Wilderness Age


One Woman’s Wilderness Birthday

October 1

One Woman’s Wilderness Zodiac


One Woman’s Wilderness Body Type

Slim fit body

Interesting facts about One Woman’s Wilderness channel and its owner Lisset Brisson

There are a lot of interesting facts about this channel and the owner Lisset.

Some of the interesting facts about Lisset Brisson are;

  • She would love to own more dogs-In the same video that was uploaded on this channel, Lisset stated that she wishes to own additional fur babies, as she already has two German Shepherds, Kimber, who is fourteen and half years old, and Miss snow, who will be turning four come September 2022.
  • Never introduced a man on her channel-Since she started sharing her personal life with the public,
    Lisset has never introduced any man to the light, let alone talked about him. This has been the top question asked by her viewers, and she revealed that she hadn’t met the right man yet in a recent video upload.
  • Does not have any children-
    • At thirty-five years old, Lisset does not have her biological children and considers her two puppies as her children.
  • Lisset enjoys living alone and is not scared of the wilderness. This is an interesting fact, considering that she is a woman and living in the wilderness has its challenges. Lisset has stated that she is not scared of living alone off-grid, as she has her two dogs. She added that she never gets lonely, as she has different projects and adventures to explore.
  • Lisset is a road construction senior inspector and works for a civil engineering company. She usually
    does this as part of her everyday life.


For any channel to start and pick in a short period, its contents have to be exciting and informative. If you are looking for videos that will give you an insight into what living off the grid looks like, the 'One Woman’s Wilderness; channel is the place to be. Through videos uploaded every week, the owner Lisset Brisson takes you through the daily life in a wilderness, the fun, the challenges, and how to overcome them.

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