Alanna Zabel Age, Height, Net Worth, Bio, Wiki and More!

Alanna Zabel

Alanna Zabel

Alanna Zabel Age, Height, Net Worth, Bio, Wiki and More!

Quick Data:

Alanna Zabel Net Worth

$1 Million

Alanna Zabel Age


Alanna Zabel Height

160 cm

Alanna Zabel Height, Instagram, Yoga Instructor and More Information!

Alanna Zabel is a famous internet personality from the United States of America. She has gained a name for herself for being a Yoga Instructor, Fitness Model, Actress, etc. She has been in the fitness industry for quite some time now and frankly speaking has made a name for herself in this genre!

Alanna Zabel
Alanna Zabel

She is basically known for training people on Yoga and fitness skills. As of writing this, Alanna is registered as a: ERYT-500 Yoga Instructor, Pilates and fitness trainer. She entered the field of fitness when she decided to bid a good bye to her acting career way back in the year 2020. After she tasted success as a Yoga Trainer, Alanna created different brands that provide her exposure to new people interested in the Yoga and fitness industry.

Alanna Zabel is the founder of AZ IAM (aka AZIAM) which is basically a Yoga institute. She has got a several teams of Yoga experts working for her. Without a doubt, she is one of the famous people on the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We can see her making short form content about 30-35 seconds long on Instagram.

Apart from creating content related to Yoga, we can also see her making videos on various trending and current topics. This is one of the reasons that she enjoys a good amount of following on both Instagram and Twitter! As of writing this, she is followed by a considerate amount of people on Instagram and as the time passes by, we can expect more and more people to follow her over there.

Along with having an established business offline, Alanna Zabel is also a popular online tutor for Yoga. She educates her audience via YouTube where the videos are short, crisp and up to the point. The videos are usually long in length of around 8-10 minutes each. She has gained a decent amount of followers base on the video streaming platform by educating people online on benefits of Yoga and fitness combined.

Alanna Zabel Adam Levine

Both Alanna Zabel and Adam Levine are in trend these days. There have been allegations of Adam misbehaving with the Yoga fitness instructor way back in the year 2010. She shared on Instagram that Adam was her student when he behaved in a way that he ideally should not have. Alanna Zabel got a text on her mobile phone from Adam Levine one day in which there was something inappropriate written!

Alanna Zabel Age and Bio.

Alanna Zabel is around 27 years of age as of writing this and will be turning 28 the next year. She celebrates her birthday on October 11th every year. She was born and brought up in California, the United States of America and is a current resident of the same. As a kid, she went to the Hamburgh Highschool. She there got a degree in Theatre and Dance from the university of Buffalo!

After graduating, she worked in ABC Movie of the week. Though she was very young at that time (in her twenties), she excelled in the job she worked in. Alanna Zabel is blessed with black colored eyes and black colored hair. We have no data on the religion that she devotes herself to, and her sun sign is Aries.

She has been very private about her personal life. After from the one event that we discussed above, she has managed to keep her personal life very much private and does not want to share her family and friends information into the public! This is one of the main reasons as to why we have a very limited data about her personal life.

Alanna Zabel Twitter & Instagram

  • Alanna Zabel Twitter id is: NA
  • Alanna Zabel Instagram id is: @Alanna Zabel

Alanna Zabel Height & Wiki 

First Name


Last Name


Alanna Zabel Height


Alanna Zabel Weight

60 Kg

Alanna Zabel Age


Alanna Zabel Birthday

August 27

Alanna Zabel Sun Sign


Alanna Zabel Measurements

Slim fit body

Alanna Zabel Net Worth & Salary in Detail

Alanna Zabel Net Worth this year

$1 million

Alanna Zabel Net Worth last year

$1 million.

Alanna Zabel Salary


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Now, let us take a look at the questions people generally ask on Google about her:

FAQs on Alanna Zabel

What is Alanna Zabel age?

  • 26 years

What is Alanna Zabel Height?

  • 160 cm

How much is Alanna Zabel Net Worth?

  • $1 Million.

When is Alanna Zabel Birthday?

  • NA

What is Alanna Zabel Sunsign?

  • Virgo

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